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Quality Teaching and Learning

Quality Professional Development

At QTL, we realize that educators' time is precious. Hours devoted to professional development MUST be focused and purposeful, and must lead to real progress and impact in the classroom.


The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning
is a non-profit agency dedicated to helping teachers reach every student, every day. QTL offers sustained, intensive and effective professional development programs for teachers and instructional leaders.

"I have been so excited about this QTL experience!!! In ten years of teaching, I have never been in a workshop that has been this effective. I have grown personally and professionally. I also feel confident in my abilities to take what I have learned back into my classroom and drastically affect the learning successes of my students. ALL of my students!!!!!!"

--Sharon Davis
Franklin County, NC Teacher

What Is QTL? - Quality Professional Development for Educators
Find out how The QTL Process prepares teachers to plan better lessons and engage students in the content they are learning, then develops leadership and collaboration throughout the school through Professional Learning Communities and more. Watch our brief overview video.

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Partnership with QTL - District Expands PD Capacity
Rutherford County School System is aggressively implementing professional development. In two years they've trained a small army of QTL instructors, and are sending scores of teachers through the program to promote better integration of technology and more engaging, creating and effective teaching. See what impact that effort is having.
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QTL and the 1:1 Laptop Initiative - Beyond Technology
A North Carolina school district is using QTL Foundations to prepare teachers for a new 1:1 laptop initiative. Find out why they found it important to have professional development that goes beyond training in "how to use" the technology.
The Power of Great Teaching - Combining Tools and Strategies
A series of federally funded demonstration projects in North Carolina show the power technology tools can have in the classroom - as long as they are used with specific strategies and goals in mind.
Hear about the experiences of educators and students in Warren County and in Alexander County.

The Use of Student Data - Fact-Based Planning Has an Impact
Teachers at Thaxton Elementary teamed up to improve student achievement by looking at the data to identify specific student needs. Strategies learned in QTL helped them craft a strategy to meet those needs. Find out how that process contributed to higher test scores.


QTL Partnerships
- Ongoing Growth for Faculties District-Wide
School district partnerships with The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning make ongoing, sustainable professional development available on a broad basis. See how that's working for teachers and administrators in Johnston County, North Carolina.

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Eddie Price
- Johnston County, NC
Eddie Price's first understanding of the QTL program came during a leadership session for Johnston County administrators. He now offers it to his teachers at Clayton Middle School. Hear why he believes the effective use of 21st Century tools and strategies is so critical to students' success.

eddie price

Connie Norris
- Johnston County, NC
Connie Norris says she didn't really know what she was missing until she saw first-hand the impact that effective use of technology can have on student achievement. Listen in as she demonstrates one of the ways she now uses classroom technology to bring every student into the lesson.

connie norris

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